Pre-School Classes


Tumble Stars: This parent participation class allows children an opportunity to explore the wonderful world of movement and gymnastics. This is an amazing class for teaching little ones not only gymnastics basics but coordination, balance, and strength!

Little Kips: Children learn donkey kicks, forward rolls, various jumps on the tumble track, strength, coordination, and more. Coaches work hands on with children to teach not only the fundamentals of gymnastics, but also how to wait their turn, share, listen, and socialize all while having fun!

Flips: Similar to the Little Kips class, this 1 hour long class is for older preschool aged children. This class allows children to further develop the skills that they have already learned or are just starting to learn in a fun, stimulating environment!

Twinkletoes: This class is similar to the little kips class, but it also combines basic dance with gymnastics for those children who want a little of each.

Girls Classes

Aerials Jr: This beginning class is for girls ages 6 and older who want to learn the basic skills of women’s gymnastics. It focuses on the four women’s events: Vault, Bars, Balance Beam and Floor. These classes follow the USAG guidelines for beginning Levels 1 and 2.

Aerials Sr: This is an intro class just like Aerials Jr, but for an older age group.

Tumbling: This is a gymnastics class focused on only floor skills. Students work on skills like cartwheels, roundoffs, back handsprings, back walkovers, front tucks, and trampoline skills. As students advance they move on to work on skills like aerials, back tucks, roundoff back handsprings, and much more!

Flyaways: This is an invitation only class. It is the next step up from an Aerials class, and focuses more on level 3/4 skills. Cartwheel, round-off, bridge kick-over, pull-over, back hip-circle, handstand tree-fall, and proficiency on the balance beam are some of the required skills for this class.

Hot Shots: This is an invitation only class similar to Flyaways, but for a younger age group of girls.

Boys Classes

Tucks: This is a beginning boys class designed to teach the basics of men's gymnastics. Boy start to learn strength, and coordination while being introduced to tumbling, bars, rings, vault, and pommel horse.

Specialty Classes

Free Running: Free Running is about learning to move fluidly through a space.  It can include acrobatic moves/tumbling, spinning, and other tricks adapted from gymnastics. Boys learn tumbling basics like cartwheels, front tucks, and back tucks on both our floor and trampoline.  We also teach them some basic swings on bars and  beginner to intermediate vault skills.

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